There's a Bruce Springsteen song called "57 Channels (and Nothin' On)," and that was in 1992. How ahead-of-his-time The Boss was; I didn't hear that cry on a regular basis until 15 or 20 years later.


Even though he couldn't have, Springsteen--with that recording--sounds like he knew the age of streaming was coming our way. Honestly, if you can't find anything to watch NOW, you're not looking...UNLESS you still only have cable.

Because with cable packages, you can have access to 57 channels and still find nothing to watch. But if you're from Kentucky, and you have a deep interest in our Commonwealth, then, by all means, locate KET/PBS, which often provides fascinating documentaries about Kentucky--history, folklore, a combo of both.

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I can get sucked into one of those and the next thing you know, it's thirty minutes or an hour later and there I still am, a little bit more enriched than when I began. So, it was a nice discovery when I came upon Liquid Kentucky. Naturally, I thought it was about our bourbon industry, but that's really only part of it.

The Emmy-winning series' clever concept focuses on, yes, the many distilleries in Kentucky, but it also features episodes about our innumerable lakes and rivers, as well. (And if you know ANYTHING about me, I scout Kentucky's bodies of waters like it is going out of style.)

And to that point, Liquid Kentucky features two hosts--Carrie Stambaugh, who handles the "water," and Kyle Lake, who handles the "spirits," his last name notwithstanding.


Now, honestly, I'm not sure if it still airs on public television, but that's where the beauty of the Internet comes in. Episodes are available online and cover subjects like how to make homemade wine, great fishing locations, and even HAND SANITIZER manufacturing. (It counts; it IS a liquid.) Here's an example.

If you can think of a liquid associated with Kentucky--whether you're supposed to drink it or not--Liquid Kentucky probably covers it.

The more I write, the more excited I'm getting about digging into this amazing find. And if I end up crying tears of joy, it COULD become an episode.

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