It's been a week since we've taken a dive into the hilarity that is Evansville Watch, so let's see what the stars of our fine city have been up to.

If you aren't familiar with Evansville Watch, I can only assume you've been living under a rock. Or, maybe, you're one of its featured members. Either way, I'll bring you up to speed. Evansville Watch is an organization that monitors the police scanner and live-posts calls as they come in. While some posts are pretty "normal", a majority of them are not. Who would've thought Evansville would produce such bizarre content?

***Also, a really important side note that I would like to add is that the comments on these statuses from people around the community are hilariously witty. Seriously, sometimes the comments are funnier than the post itself and I wish there was a way to share all of them. But, if you want an extra laugh, take a dive into those sometime.***

Here are some of the best posts from Evansville Watch as of late:

Suspicious Circumstances - 2020 S Green River Rd at Casey's General Store, for 2 vehicles parked on the dark area of the lot for some time, no one has gotten out of them

Extrication - 700 E Walnut at the unemployment office for vehicle that has struck the building unknown injuries. Fire, EMS and PD responding

Traffic Alert- Sinkhole- Garvin just south of Franklin St. Officer reports sinkhole. Avoid this intersection.

Customer Trouble- AT&T 3231 N Green River Rd. Caller says male subject is unhappy with service and is yelling at employees. EPD enroute.

Noise Complaint - 100 block of Adams Ave. Caller says someone is riding a loud dirt-bike in the alley. EPD en route.

Suspicious Person - 1600 block of Howard St. Caller says a male is in the field, singing, possibly trying to get into a farmhouse nearby. EPD en route.

Suspicious Person - 2000 block of N 7th Ave. Caller says a female came to her door, made up a story about needing a ride to the pawn shop, and is now refusing to leave.

General Complaint - 2100 block of Shanklin Ave. Caller says her daughter destroyed the house and then left.

Refusing to Leave - 2021 N Fares Ave, Arrowhead Motel. Caller says a female is in his motel room and wants her out. EPD en route.

Intoxicated Driver - 4th Ave & Bryan Rd. Caller is the wife of the person driving. Wife has her husband stopped here, and needs police to get him off the streets. EPD en route.

Customer Trouble - 501 N Fares Ave, Chuckles. Caller says a female wearing gray sweatpants is inside the gas station threatening to jump over the counter and steal money because the “air machine took her money.” EPD en route.

Vandalism Report- Memorial High School. (Believe we heard this correctly... bear with us) Crossing guard says a female driving an SUV with a PTA sticker on the back window threw a brick/ rock at crossing guard's vehicle. Crossing guard wants to speak to an officer.

General Complaint- Lynch & Green River Rd. Caller is reporting a panhandler at this intersection. Call taker told caller that there is nothing they can do about panhandler unless he is obstructing traffic. Caller then said panhandler is in fact obstructing traffic.

Property Damage Accident - 900 block of S Royal Ave. Caller says her DoorDash delivery driver hit her garage.

Intoxicated Person - Governor St & Adams Ave. Caller says a 30yr old black male with a suitcase is drunk and carrying alcohol in the suitcase.

Trespass in Progress - 1100 N Congress Ave, All American Home Improvement. Caller says two juveniles are on the roof, one wearing a red hoodie, one wearing a blue hoodie. The one wearing a red hoodie has peed off of the roof.

Columbia St - EPD officer has come across a white male wearing an adult diaper and a green hat. Nothing else. Officer is checking on male now.


Way to stay classy, Evansville!


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