The annual Muscular Dystrophy Summer Camp is coming up and we need your help to make sure the kids have everything they need to enjoy the experience.

Join 106-1 KISS-FM on Tuesday, May 24 at Wal-Mart on Evansville's West Side to make your donation. Here's a list of what's needed to help get you started.

Camp Wish List

2011 MDA “Road trip Across America” Camp

The following are items needed to make this year’s camp the best year ever. Any donations are greatly appreciated:

Individual-sized snacks (cookies, chips, crackers, etc.)-enough for about 1,000 for the week)

Disposable cameras (100)

Prizes for Casino Night (appropriate for ages 6 to 17)

Digital thermometer sleeves (300)

15 white pillow cases

White poster boards (20 to 30)

Bug spray and sunscreen (40 large bottles of each)

Blank DVD-Rs (300)

Construction paper (15 packets of different colors)

Boxes of non-latex gloves (size Large)

Gift cards to purchase medical equipment, such as epi-pens

Permanent markers in assorted colors (15 packs)

Opening and closing dance decorations- Roaring 20s theme and Mardi Gras theme

Scavenger hunt items- things we might find in the Chicago Field Museum

Art supplies

Mask making materials- feathers, beads, jewels, glitter, sparkles


Supplies to make floats and decorate for the closing day parade

Clay for making southwestern pottery

Prizes for best mask- boy and girl

Smores ingredients- marshmallows, chocolate and graham crackers

Dress up clothes- cowboy/girl outfits, fancy “award show” outfits, flapper/gangster outfits

Old CDs to make dream catchers

String, yarns for weaving, pottery paint

Leis, grass skirts

Wood carving activity- Lowe’s??

Limbo game set

Tiki torches/ huts

“trashy” fashion show supplies- garbage bags, toilet paper, etc

Red carpet

Handprint supplies for making your own star on the walk of fame

Gold and silver decorations

Awards for best “trashy” fashion- boy and girl

Casino night supplies

Pool supplies- water rings, floaties, noodles

Bottled water and soda

Flashlights and batteries