Let's go back to 1983. I was a junior/senior in high school. Return of the Jedi was smoking every other movie at the box office. And "Islands in the Stream" by Kenny Rogers and Dolly Parton was the biggest country hit of the year. It was a pretty big pop hit, too, and that's an understatement.

1983 was also the year McDonald's introduced something that, in my opinion, completely altered the way we eat chicken.

Yes, 2020 is the 37th anniversary of the Chicken McNugget. I loved 'em then. I love 'em now. All you gotta do is give me dippable chicken and some kind of sauce and get out of the way.

And, see, that's why I think we owe it to McDonald's for changing the way we eat chicken. After the introduction of the McNugget, we started seeing chicken TENDERS pop up everywhere. Chicken and sauce, man. I tell ya.

Anyway, for the first time SINCE that introduction, McDonald's is adding something new to the McNugget--SPICES.

No, we're not losing the original McNuggets, we're just getting new Spicy McNuggets as McDonald's is trying to bring folks back after a pandemic-induced downturn.

The iconic fast-food chain has a history of "spicing" up the industry just at the right time. And with a new spicy line of McNuggets--complete with its own new "Mighty Hot Sauce"--McDonald's could be "heating" things up once again.

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