I'm a big fan of Evansville Mayor Lloyd Winnecke. Not only do I think he's been an awesome mayor for our city, but I also think is just a cool friggin' dude! I've spent a lot of time with and around him and I've seen him in a lot of different situations, and he has been one cool cat every time.

His ability to go with the flow and, in some cases, laugh at himself was on full display during the grand opening ceremony for the brand new Ascension St. Vincent YMCA in downtown Evansville. The moment of levity came while the mayor was reading an official proclamation about 'YMCA Day.' I've read a few proclamations in my day and they are very wordy. Mayor Winnecke clearly reads may more proclamations than I do. So much so that his staff simply copies and pastes new information over previous documents. Well, apparently some lines from a different proclamation wound up on this one, causing Mayor Winnecke to stop in his tracks. He handled it like a boss! You can see what I'm talking about at 2:05 of the video below.

We're just glad he didn't pull a Ron Burgundy by simply 'reading the prompter.' He was actually paying attention to what he was saying. His quick thinking made the entire crowd chuckle. Well done Mr. Mayor!

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