I've been a Westsider my entire life. That entails a few different things.

For example, you bleed blue (R-R-R-E-I-I-I-I-T-Z), Ski and Grippos are staples in your household, and you plan well in advance for the Annual West Side Nut Club Fall Festival.

Every year on Franklin Street, thousands of people gather to eat deep-fried goodies from 136 booths and ride rides. I'm also mixed into this crowd, being that I never miss a year. Again, it's my duty as a Westsider to pay tribute to my homestead.

Typically when I go to the Fall Fest, I hit the same few booths for my go-to snacks. If you're looking for some yummy foods to try, fear not! I'm going to provide you with my top five guilty pleasures.

I ALWAYS go to the Chuck Wagon first thing. I know sausage burgers aren't fancy or deep-fried, but they're so good. I've tried to make my own sausage burgers at home, but I'm never as satisfied as I am with the burgers from the Chuck Wagon.

I mean this is a given. I was first introduced to the pulled pork parfait about three years ago and I've been hooked ever since. There's a few different booths that sell them, but I don't discriminate...they're all wonderful.

I love all fried pickles, but the pink sorority booth is where it's AT, y'all. They also give you this creamy spicy ranch sauce that is ah-may-zing. Something about eating an entire sphere versus the smaller pickle slices is much-o better.

Forgive me, I don't remember the name...but the booth that's at the end of Franklin (I think it's white and blue?) has the best white chicken chili I've ever had. It's so good and you get a big 'ol bowl. I get a cup to take home every year.

The Vanderburgh Humane Society has this thing called fried mac-n-cheese and O.M.G. it's sooo good. It's got to be awful for you...I mean it's fried pasta and cheese...but it's thee best. I try to steer away from it for the sake of my heartburn, but I always give in at some point during the week.

Lastly, APPLE CIDER. This doesn't get a number because it isn't "food", but I could drink a literal gallon of cider each day if I allowed myself. Like pumpkin spice who? Apple cider is where it's at. Always has been. Don't fight me on this.

There's tons of other things I've tried and loved - gator tail, chicken-n-dumplings, strombolis, deep-fried everything - but these are my go-to's when I'm wandering down Franklin. What's your favorite Fall Fest treat? I'm always looking to try something new!

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