Don't let the dry winter air get the best of your skin! 

There's a couple things I'm really passionate when it comes to self-care. I go to the gym more days a week than not, I try to drink plenty of water and get a decent night's sleep, and I take excellent care of my skin.

While a lot of my complexion is strictly hereditary, it's my responsibility to keep it looking young and smooth. But, having sensitive skin severely limits what I'm able to use. Like, for example, I cannot use ANY Neutrogena products...not even sunscreen. Don't ask me why.

Anyway, so if you're like me, winter reeks havoc on your skin. The air is dry and you're stuck indoors, which causes problem after problem for your skin - your face in particular.

So, because I'm a firm believer in women helping women, I decided to share my skin care "secrets" with you.

For starters, I use Cetaphil as my face wash. I've used this for YEARS and it's so so so good.

When I get out of the shower and my pores are still nice and open from the steam, I'll spritz myself with rosewater spray by Mario Badescu. You don't want to apply moisturizer right away after a shower because it could clog your pores. Let it breathe for a minute.

After that's dried for a few minutes, I'll go back in with one of two products:

I rotate these two products every few days. Honestly. I can't decide which one I like more. The Tarte moisturizer is light and silky, but I like the Aveeno's creaminess. They both stay out on my vanity 24/7.

When it come's to skincare for the rest of my body, I keep it simple. I use a thick body wash, no specific brand, I just make sure it's thick and moisturizing. I also try to soak in the bath once or twice a week with some essential oils and bath salts - BUT BE CAREFUL with this and make sure you moisturize extra on these days because the water can dry your skin out.

I hope this helps anyone out there struggling to find the right products for their skin. Some of these come with a higher price tag, but I'm a firm believer that the more you spend on skin/beauty/hair products, the better the quality. These are not categories where you can get away with spending less and getting the same results.

Oh, and ALWAYS take your makeup off before bed. ALWAYS.








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