It's been a while since we've taken a dive into the hilarity that is Evansville Watch, so let's see what the stars of our fine city have been up to.

If you aren't familiar with Evansville Watch, I can only assume you've been living under a rock. Or, maybe, you're one of its featured members. Either way, I'll bring you up to speed. Evansville Watch is an organization that monitors the police scanner and live-posts calls as they come in. While some posts are pretty "normal", a majority of them are not. Who would've thought Evansville would produce such bizarre content?

Here are some of the best posts from Evansville Watch as of late:

Theft in Progress - Wal-Mart West 335 S Red Bank, white female, blue hair has a backpack full of alcohol left on foot without paying. #ewatch
Update - officer out with the female in the median in front of Starbucks, and needs additional assist for use of force.

Indecent Exposure- St Joe & Allens Lane. Caller says a male subject in an orange hat is exposing himself to passing vehicles. EPD enroute.

Refusing to leave- Lovers Playground 519 N Main. Caller says male and female are inside refusing to leave. EPD enroute.

EPD Officer just advised he came upon a fight at Econo Lodge. (Guessing The one on 41)

6500 Block of Jackson. A Male subject is acting suspicious, and saying he is trying to get acid out of a battery.

At Park Terrace Village. Caller advised that staff illegally searched him, and took a pack of cigarettes.

Upper Mt. Vernon / Tree Top Ln.
Caller advised that someone is revving their engine, and it's quite obnoxious.

SB 41 from Morgan Ave. Black male subject in a passenger car pleasuring himself while passing other cars.

Fight in Progress at Time Out Lounge. 5-6 people fighting outside.
EPD En-Route

1000 Block of West Virginia Street. Landlord has cut off the power to this apartment. Caller wants to speak to an officer.

300 Block of S Boeke. Caller advised that someone threw a handful of Acorns at their vehicle. No damage to the vehicle, but the caller wants to speak to an officer.

Washington Ave / Professional Blvd
A female was walking down the road, and a male subject in a Green Pontiac G6 stopped and asked if she wanted to see his privates... His pants were already down.

Buds-Franklin Street
EPD is requesting a Sergeant for use of force and the wagon
Nature unknown

Way to stay classy, Evansville!

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