"Look Up" is a powerful message about unplugging and engaging in real life. This is one video you don't want to miss and it really hit home with me.

I am guilty of missing out on the "now" because I am buried in my cell phone.  It is nearly impossible for me to sit through an entire meal and not check my phone for texts, emails or Facebook updates. I am not proud of this. I have missed experiences, missed movies and lost time that I will never get back because I just couldn't unplug from the digital world. There is something to be said for unplugging and engaging in the real world - reading a book, painting a picture or just having a real conversation with a real person in real time inside a real room. This video really hit home for me. I am plugged in far too much, and as I watch my daughter grow up, I realize just how plugged in she is too. I wonder if it's healthy. I wonder if it's my fault that she is tapped in all the time digitally. I mean she had to have learned it from me - all of those half-had conversations where I was only sort of paying attention and interjecting a "oh, yeah?" or an "oh, right." in just the right places.. I am ashamed of this. I mourn the missed moments and the missed opportunity for laughter.

I think I am going to unplug. Not completely, but in baby steps. I will spend a few hours every day and not pick up my phone unless it actually rings because someone is calling. A few hours that I won't check Facebook or Instagram just because. Where I won't check to see if I missed a text message. I will unplug. I will read. I will paint. I will take a walk. I will be present.

♥ Kat

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