The guys at New Focus Wrestling are wrestling for a good cause!

2015 Student Pro-Wrestling Summit
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New Focus Wrestling is a fun local wrestling promotion run by Johnny Richards. I went to one of their shows a few years ago and really enjoyed it. They are very involved in the community and often team up with the Salvation Army and other organizations to give back to the community. They will be doing this once again for Back to School time

On Aug. 5th, New Focus Wrestling will be putting on a wrestling show at the Salvation Army on Fulton Ave. The admission is any school supply. Back to school time is a lot of fun for a lot of students, but for others, it can be a stressful time as parents sometimes can't afford the ever growing list of supplies needed for their child. The Salvation Army helps out needy families by giving them school supplies. Drives like this help their cause. Also, you're going to get a fun night of wrestling featuring some of the areas top performers

You can get all of the details about the event by checking out their official Facebook page.

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