Some people in this world are sick. 

Over the weekend, a local horse rescue "A Hoof and a Prayer Horse Rescue" in Evansville took in several horses that had either never been vetted or seen the farrier. These poor horses came from a puppy mill in Martin Country where they had never had their feet trimmed, proper food and water, or a clean stall. This resulted in them laying around in their own feces and other elements.

According to Wabash Valley, " Julia K. Arney, 73, of Loogootee was charged with animal cruelty and animal neglect after more than 60 dogs, along with horses and donkeys, were found at her home." Unfortunately, this does not include the ones that were already deceased. Since the investigation started the animals have been taken into the care of rescue groups in the tri-state.

Thankfully, an outpouring love of the tri-state the horses are cleaned up and getting vetted. "A Hoof and a Prayer Horse Rescue" is still in need of several items/supplies as well as donations for the vet bills. The horses will eventually be ready for adoption, so if you are interested please visit their site or Facebook for more information. Whether it's five dollars or one hundred dollars, every little bit helps.

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