Liza Koshy has issued an apology after facing backlash from fans for mocking the Japanese language in old videos with ex-boyfriend David Dobrik.

Last week, the YouTube stars came under fire after two videos from 2016 resurfaced during which they try "foreign" candy together. In them, the pair, who were a couple at the time, pretend to speak Japanese as a joke while reading the snacks' packaging.

At one point, Dobrik even says: "It's not racist, that's like the sounds I hear when they talk," before Koshy adds, "No, it's not racist as long as I keep saying 'no.'"

TikTok user @callmesukiwi posted a call-out video on June 21, writing, "Why is no one talking about this? It’s a clear example of the normalized racism against Asians."

While Dobrik has yet to address the backlash, Koshy released a lengthy statement via YouTube, Twitter and Instagram on June 28, apologizing and taking responsibility for her actions.

"I now recognize and take responsibility for the times I was not the ally I am becoming today. Being anti-racist requires a personal reckoning," she wrote. "What I once thought of as 'innocent jokes' were actually tainted with implicit bias, and what might have been intended as ‘playful’ was actually to some, incredibly painful. And for that, I am so sorry."

"It takes a combination of individual and collective reckoning with our past to heal and move forward together," Koshy added. "Consider this my resignation from ignorance, and my declaration as an ally in action. I will give grace, make space, and break these damn systems in place like my life depends on it."

Read her full apology, below:

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