On Wednesday, Kat and I found a list on Buzzfeed illustrating the 21 steps of a breakup using pop songs which prompted us to ask the question, "What's your go-to breakup song?" Here are few that people shared.

Hold On - Colbie Caillat

According to listener, Tara, this is what she blasts when the breakup hasn't happened yet, but she knows it's coming.

Best I Never Had - Beyonce

This was the second-to-last stage on Buzzfeed's list, and in their mind, implies the point where you realize you were better off without them anyway. Listener, Chell apparently agrees.

Stitches - Shawn Mendes

Mendes' words of being hurt by a former love and struggling to move on resonate with listener Elizabeth.

50 Ways to Say Goodbye - Train

Christen relies on Train to help explain to people what happened to a former flame.



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