Kesha is working on an acoustic album called 'Deconstructed' it's a 5-song EP and it's set to be out on December 4th. Kesha has decided to give us a sneak peek! You can hear the stripped down and acoustic version of 'Die Young' inside!  And it's really good!


The acoustic 'Die Young' is slowed down more than the original, and it almost sounds like a completely different song, but I really like it!  Don't get me wrong I do like Kesha, and so far just about everything she has come out with has been good.  i like that her music is fun and upbeat and essentially party music.

However I will be the first to say "Kesha wouldn 't even have good music if it weren't for autotune. "  Well I stand corrected! In this acoustic version of 'Die Young' it's Kesha with no auto-tune! It's awesome.  She's actually really good!So it's pretty cool hearing a completely different side to Kesha.  Apparently there were a lot of skeptics when Kesha said she wanted to do an acoustic album, and to that she said: “Some people weren’t sure if I could sing. On this record, I said ‘Let’s leave the tricks to a minimum and let me wail.’”

Her new EP 'Deconstructed' Tracklist:

  1. 'Old Flames'
  2. 'Blow'
  3. 'Harold Song'
  4. 'Die Young'
  5. 'Supernatural'