For the FIRST time in Indiana history, liquor store will be allowed to open on Sundays starting tomorrow! And there are mixed emotions even among store owners on whether or not its a good idea.

Indiana has been a dry state (no liquor sold in stores on Sunday) since its incorporation but recent pressure from the business owners have convinced politicians to allow liquor stores to open on Sundays state wide. Many stores have had to hire new employees, which is always a good thing, while some have decided to stay closed due to lack of anticipated business.

Being from Chicago, I found it strange that liquor store were NOT open on Sundays when I first moved down here. It the big city, most liquor store are open 7 days a week with many open 24/7! Only people I can really understand having an objection to the change are the BOOTLEGGERS that are going to lose a boatload of business.

Do YOU think it's a good idea for liquor stores to be open on Sundays? Cast your vote in the comment box and I'll read the results during tomorrow's show ... CHEERS!


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