A cheeky photo posted to Lindsay Lohan's Instagram on Wednesday (March 11) revealed the actress may need to brush up on her Photoshop skills. See it here.

In the pic, Lohan strikes a pose in a black leotard, smiling brightly as she leans slightly forward, her right leg cocked and her hair pulled back off her face. She captions it, "My feet look red lol-had to take that out. Only real red is my hair."

Unfortunately, it's not her tinted tootsies that has the internet looking twice. Based on the bowed background surrounding her behind, it appears Lindsay tried her hand at some amateur retouching to enhance her rear assets. The distorted doorframe looks as if it's been reflected in a fun house mirror, and her legs cave unnaturally inward.

This wasn't the first embarrassing flub suffered by the Mean Girls star this week. TMZ reports that Lohan captioned a photo taken at Kayne West's show in Paris with a hashtag containing the N-word. Though the photo has since been deleted, her followers are experts in the art of the screen shot.

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