After bouncing around from treatment center to treatment center, Lindsay Lohan finally settled on the apparent utopia of the Betty Ford clinic, where she could chain-smoke during her 90-day stay and take uppers on the reg.

But now Nurse Ratched (or the clinic's docs) have decided to strip Linds of the one thing that allows her to kinda sorta keep it together -- Adderall -- sending her into fight-or-flight mode.

While facility docs originally allowed LiLo to continue her pill-popping ways like a concussed Dr. House with breasts, they have now reversed course, sending the pill train to a screeching halt.

TMZ reports that Linds is now "going crazy" without the medication, which doctors have deemed unnecessary to manage the ADHD she claims to have. (Some people use the pill as an appetite suppressant, but Linds would never do that because she's a stickler for rules.)

After the narcotics well dried up, Lindsay immediately began researching other facilities she could move to, and while sources say she's found a place she's happy with, prosecutors aren't having it.

"[Lindsay] had 45 days to find a suitable place.  She didn't listen to her people and just did what she wanted so it's her problem now," says a source, adding, "Not gonna happen."

If the Lindsay we've seen the past few years is functioning Adderall LiLo, we'd hate to see what she's like without it.

Just give her placebos and count the days until she figures it out. Or stealthily escapes in a cart full of soiled bed linens. Whichever.

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