When I read the press release information about the ribbon cutting for the Lilly King Competition Pool in the Deaconess Aquatic Center, I suspected that Lilly would be there. I'm glad I went because it was definitely a cool moment in Evansville's history.

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The event began with a nice video tribute to the Lloyd Pool, and then the switch was flipped, and out walked Lilly King and her family. That was the first of several goosebump moments.

Lilly's parents unveiled an amazing tribute to her accomplishments. You can watch that moment in the video below.

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The Deaconess Aquatic Center is one of the nicest facilities that we have. It is certainly something to be proud of. It's located between historic Bosse Field and Garvin Park. The YMCA of Southwestern Indiana will be maintaining the aquatic center.

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Like you might expect, I took a few awkward pics. I needed an updated pic of Lilly and me. This was taken a couple of years ago in Newburgh. Did I get it? Um...Kind of. Scroll down and you'll see what I mean.

Photo: Kim Clark
Photo: Kim Clark

See Video of Lilly Demonstrating her Breaststroke Below:

Lilly King Competition Pool Dedication

Evansville is now home to an aquatic center good enough for Olympic Gold medalist Lilly King to put her name on it. The ribbon-cutting for the Lilly King competition pool was held on Friday, October 1, 2021. Yes, Lilly was one of the first to make a splash - after the unveiling of her huge new banner
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