How sweet is this doggy?! I share my name with her, and she needs a fur-ever home!

Photo: ITV FB Page

Declare your independence from a dog-free home as we introduce you to our amazing White Shepherd Mix gal Liberty. She will give you a life filled with super affection and love marathons. Who would think such a cuddle bug could end up as a stray? We don't know as she is a favorite to most of our kennel techs here at ITV. Her past doesn't matter as Liberty is all smiles and looking forward to a great future with her doting new human(s). At 2 years old, Liberty won't be an annoying puppy- just 67 pounds of warm and tender snuggles. We know Liberty is destined for greatness; so we have her all ready for your forever home! Liberty is the epitome of a jovial and dynamic set of paws. We hope you will appreciate her unique look, friendliness and charm. Liberty is good with other dogs and loves people. Liberty's doting personality will convince you to give her the freedom to walk out of our doors as your charming and ADOPTED pal.