Our Pet of the Week is out of this world! Meet MERCURY, a beautiful kitty cat available for adoption at It Takes a Village in Evansville.

MERCURY is a 2-year-old male with a personality and presence as captivating as his smokey gray coat. He also loves expressing himself vocally with a range of delightful meows and purrs. Your home will be filled with the sweet sounds of feline companionship.

attachment-Pet of the Week MERCURY

Whether MERCURY is chasing feather toys, curling up in your lap, or simply gazing out the window, he is sure to bring a lot of happiness into your life. So, if you're looking for a furry friend who is not only gorgeous but also has a charming personality, then look no further.

Jamie Heeke
Jamie Heeke

If you're ready to open your heart and home to a beautiful feline, MERCURY is waiting to meet you! For adoption inquiries, please fill out an online adoption application today so you can arrange a meet-and-greet with him.

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All of the animals at ITV are examined by a veterinarian, given age-appropriate vaccinations, dewormed, microchipped, spayed or neutered, and FIV/FeLV-tested.

If our pet of the week isn’t the right fit for your home, please visit It Takes a Village to see the other rescues that need to get fostered and adopted. And don't forget about their RENT A DOG Program. A quick fill form and copy of your photo ID will allow you time out with one of ITV's vetted shelter dogs. These day dates are great for the rescues - it gets them some exercise and new information to help us get them adopted. It’s been a big hit- so don’t miss out!

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