It's a real cave with real bats.  And it's real scary!-  Fox 45 News/Dayton, Ohio

I love a good, scary haunted house and I have been in a lot of them. But there's a haunted attraction just outside Dayton, Ohio that isn't a "house" at all.  It's a haunted cave and, coincidentally, is in the Guinness Book of World Records because it's the longest haunted attraction in the world.  It takes about an hour to get through and, in addition to having 3,563 feet of chills and thrills, it's also home to a bunch of bats.  Live ones.  Approximately 30,000 of them!

The Lewisburg Haunted Cave is so popular it's already been featured in Newsweek magazine and on the Late Show with Stephen Colbert this year.  Colbert was hilariously talking about what it would be like to walk through the Haunted Cave with a scared kid.  He joked, "It's okay, Honey.  None of it's real.  Except for the BATS!  They're super real. But don't worry. There's only 30,000 of them!"  LOL!

The Lewisburg Haunted Cave has quite a storied tradition of national recognition.  Just a few years ago, back in 2018, the cave was named Best Haunted Attraction in the USA Today Reader's Choice poll.  It's no wonder why.  In addition to being home to 30,000 bats, the Lewisburg Haunted Cave is home to a minimum of 80 actors and actresses hell-bent on scaring the crap out of you.

Here's a fun and recent walk-through and interview with the team at Fox 45.

Here's an even more in-depth walk through shared a few years ago from YouTubers Michael and Abbey, who say it's their favorite haunted attraction they've ever been to.

The Lewisburg Haunted Cave is open every Friday and Saturday through October 30th.  For 2021, adult ticket prices range from $20 to $25, depending on which day you attend. Kids 10 and under get in for $10.  Tickets can only be purchased on site and only cash is accepted.  Additional ticket info is available by CLICKING HERE!

The Lewisburg Haunted Cave is located at 4392 Swishers Mill Road, Lewisburg, Ohio.  The drive from Owensboro is between four and five hours.  If you're brave enough to go, here's a look at the recommended, quickest route!



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