After what seems to be a gazillion Facebook posts and viral rants, I've decided it's time to discuss this "horror house" I've read so much about.

If you're new to this information, let me brief you to the best of my ability. Apparently, there's this thing called McKamey Manor which is a brutal haunted house where participants get tortured for 10 straight hours in an effort to win $20,000. The things we'd do for money, right? I know you're probably thinking there's no way this "torture" is that bad, but you'd be wrong. Apparently people have fingernails ripped off, teeth extracted, and even their heads scalped. Yep, all for money.

I've read several articles on this torture house and each of them are equally disturbing. If you're wondering how something like this is capable of existing without being shut down, it's all thanks to a highly detailed, 40-page waiver people must sign before entering.

Just a few things participants must consent to include:
"Patient understand their hand might be smashed with tools"
"Patient understands that a tour of MM may include carbon monoxide poisoning"
"Patient understands a tour of MM may include a brain hemorrhage, trauamatic brain injury, stroke, heart reactions, drowning, or death."

Basically, McKamey Manor is a torture chamber in disguise.

With a highly detailed consent agreement like this one, it seems like it's "legal". Now, from what I've read, nobody has made it through the house 'successfully' - if that's what you'd call it. So, nobody has ever won the $20,000 and not many people are convinced there really is a cash prize. Apparently there is a safe word that's established ahead of time, but I've also read that word gets ignored unless "severe physically or psychological trauma is present'. So, no, seeing a spider and yelling your safe word isn't enough to have you released. CRAZY, right?

I've heard of this house before now, but it's particularly getting a lot of attention at the moment. I also read a Facebook post that said this house has moved from state to state after continuous threats of legal actions. A new petition has started in an effort to close down McKamey Manor for good. It originally required 40,000 signatures, but has now surpassed over 60,000.












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