This is a great example of being proud of who you are.

Rainbow Flag

My friends, Ashley and Jenny, are two amazing women who have helped me immensely in my life. They have been married for almost two years and are #relationshipgoals. Outside of their home, they proudly displayed their LGBTQ status by flying a rainbow flag.

Unfortunately, some people aren't as progressive as they should be and over the weekend, someone stole their rainbow flag.

Instead of being scared or shamed into silence, Ashley and Jenny responded in the only way they knew how: by being proud AF of who they are and of their marriage. Check out just how how full of LGBTQ Pride their house is now:

Gavin Eddings
Gavin Eddings

Ashley also said this in a Facebook post:

When you steal one Rainbow flag, more rainbows will rise in its place! It’s only going to get gayer from here, folks!!! Never hide your light! Love is always louder!

Throughout all of this, neither Ashley nor Jenny ever questioned who they are and managed to something negative into a fun project. This is the definition of never letting hate win and I'm 100% on-board.

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