Brickmania is bringing the largest WWII Lego display to the Evansville Museum October 19th 2018 - October 21st 2018.

The Public Are Responding Generously To Chinese Artist's Appeal For Lego Bricks
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The display will include:

• A 27’ long model of the battleship USS Missouri

• An 11’ long model of the destroyer USS Nicholas

• A fully landscaped 24’ long diorama of Omaha Beach

• 5’ x 8’ dioramas of the Battles of Peleliu, Kursk, El Alamein, and Stalingrad

• A diorama of the Brandenberg Gate

• 12 World War II Heroes Mosaics

• Plus dozens of armored vehicles and aircraft of all types

• World War I items to recall the centennial of the end of this conflict

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