Cemeteries can be both scary and beautiful. I love taking a walk through a cemetery. It's very peaceful. The flowers and the trees, mixed with the spiritual statues and monuments are extremely centering. But, there have been moments that felt not so calming. I actually felt uneasy and couldn't wait to get into my car and leave.

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One of those moments happened at a very small cemetery not far from my house. My husband took me there because he knows how much I love walking around and reading the names and dates on the gravestones. But, this walk ended with an eerie feeling and a bite on my hand.

As I was walking around, I noticed that one of the gravestones was facing the other way than all of the rest of the stones. I was curious as to why, so I bent down for a closer look to read the info on the stone. While reading the name on the stone, I was overwhelmed with a sense of dread and negative emotional pressure. At that moment, something bit me on my hand. It stung, turned red, swelled a little, and left two small marks on my hand. It was so scary. We have never been back to the cemetery.

Many cemeteries are a place of chilling legends and reports of strange happenings. One cemetery in Kentucky is so haunted, most won't go, but if they do, they leave a toy.

The Gate's Of Hell

The Gates of Hell Cemetery is a nickname for this haunted Kasey cemetery located in Elizabethtown, KY.  It’s also been called Hell’s Cemetery. The cemetery is very old, dating back to the 17 and the 1800's. Most of the gravestone markings are illegible. So, many people buried in the cemetery are unknown. 

Victoria Walker/Facebook

The Legend

The legends say that an evil spirit has trapped the spirits of children in the cemetery and if you visit you must leave a gift or toy so you will be allowed to leave without a haunting incident.

Some of the legends are that they believe a bad spirit was summoned and this keeps all the children spirits as prisoners in the area. They also say that if you don't leave a gift for the children (a toy, some coins, etc.) your car won't start and you will get stuck there. This even made it more creepy... - Uknown Kentucky
Victoria Walker/Facebook
Victoria Walker/Facebook
Victoria Walker/Facebook

In The Air

Even though the toys help you have an uneventful exit, that doesn't prevent you from having a haunting encounter while visiting the cemetery.

There was an eerie stillness there and a very heavy feeling... it was an extremely interesting and uncomfortably silent place. - Unknown Kentucky
Victoria Walker/Facebook

Haunted Happenings

Locals say that The Gates of Hell Cemetery is so haunted cemetery and scary, they will not go into the cemetery. Some of the haunted reports include.,

...screams coming from in and around the cemetery... shadow people walking around...electrical problems with cars while visiting the cemetery.
Victoria Walker/Facebook

Read more about the cemetery and see additional photos, HERE. Also, a HUGE thank you to Victoria Walker for the use of her amazing photos.


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