I love walking in cemeteries and I am fascinated by the paranormal so when I found an abandoned haunted cemetery I got a bit excited.

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Bachelors Grove Cemetery has been left abandoned since the late 1980s and there are stores after stores of people visiting the creepy place and experiencing some sort of paranormal siting. The history of the cemetery is very interesting it was founded in the late 1800s and was closed off by people and left abandoned due to vandalism.

A cemetery is also a place for several paranormal sitings in the area. From lights to shadow figures, there have been over 50 sitings in this one cemetery. Some of the popular ghost hunting stories have been researched by the writer and he also interviewed several people to get the bottom of the truth to each ghost story.

Just looking through the website the area just looks creepy and I am fascinated by how people passed and their story of how they ended up in the area. There is a YouTube Channel that you can follow to learn more about the cemetery and the ghost stories that have been told from generation to generation. I would really like to do a ghost tour and paranormal investigation and see what happens.

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