Recently, my daughter has gotten into showing her horse. Up until this year, my husband has been the one who has towed our crew to the showgrounds. But this year, he decided it was my turn to take the reins – literally. Now, I'm not exactly thrilled about it. Maneuvering a couple of 1,000-pound horses in a 3,500-pound trailer is not exactly my idea of a stress-free day. But hey, I'm learning.

On my first solo trip, disaster almost struck when a hefty log decided to take a dive off a flatbed semi right in front of me. Panic set in, and all I could think to do was channel my inner Carrie Underwood and yell, "Jesus, take the wheel!" Miraculously, we managed to straddle the log without any damage to the trailer. I swear, I must have a guardian angel with lightning-fast reflexes.

Now, compared to me, my husband is a trailer-towing wizard. We've got this massive 28-foot camper, and he can whip it around our driveway in just two moves – no sweat. Then he effortlessly parks it in its spot on our property even though it's surrounded by trees. It's like watching a master at work, and I'm just in awe.

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Speaking of hauling, have you ever seen those folks hauling campers with boats and golf carts behind the camper? It's like a parade on wheels! They've got campers, boats, golf carts – you name it, they're hauling it. Naturally, it got me wondering about the rules and regulations of towing multiple items at once. So, I reached out to Sgt. Todd Ringle-Indiana State Police Evansville District.

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Sgt. Ringle filled me in, saying,

"The maximum length of two or more vehicles together, including any type of cargo is 60 feet. The maximum length for three or more vehicles together, including a load, is 65 feet. As far as cargo, the maximum load size in length is three-feet beyond the front of the bumper and four-feet beyond the rear bumper."


*NOTE all states are different so if you plan on traveling, please check the laws surrounding hauling multiple items in the states you plan to visit.

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Now, some might argue it's not the safest maneuver, but to put it into perspective – those 18-wheelers we share the road with? They're a whopping 72 feet long. I also read that the trailer directly behind the truck has to have trailer brakes. I mean, if you thought you could skip the trailer brakes, you are a fool!

But here's my burning question: When you're hauling a whole parade behind you, how on earth do you even begin to back up? Which way do you turn the wheel? That's a mystery I'm still trying to unravel!

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