I'll admit, the first several times that I saw this short film shared on Facebook, I kept scrolling. Why? Because, I knew that it was going to make me uncomfortable. After watching it, I realized that we need to be a little uncomfortable, so that we can make a difference

Left Turn Productions is a group of extremely talented, Emmy winning, local people that are committed to shedding light on issues that affect residents in Evansville. Their next project focuses on racial relations.


Left Turn 2 presents a unique opportunity for you to support a locally-produced, high quality film that will shed light on the issue of race relations in Evansville.


As with our first two films—Left Turn and Care—this fictional narrative is based on a series of interviews and research in order to authentically address real circumstances in the Evansville, Indiana area. This story follows the friendship between the white man and black man introduced in Left Turn as the two face challenges in their relationship due to their worldviews and polar life experiences.

Racial Relations in Evansville

As we interviewed men and women in the local community who have been directly affected by racial division, we found that racial distrust is both caught and taught by black and white families, news media, history books, and personal experience. This leads us to keep each other at a distance. A black person may feel the need to talk, dress, and act a certain way in order not to be misjudged, leading him or her to feel isolated around white people and even around other black people. A white person may subconsciously avoid or unjustly profile a black person with or without recognizing his or her underlying prejudice.

At the end of the day, many are left asking one overwhelming question: How do we move forward and embrace diverse relationships when our differences feel like polarizing walls? There’s no clear-cut answer, but we believe this issue is not beyond repair. Our goal for Left Turn 2 is to call for a radical “left turn” in building relationships across racial and cultural divides. We have a long way to go, but the only way to achieve reconciliation is together.


We’ve already raised most of the budget for this film, but the additional $5,000 we hope to raise will be spent hiring actors, production crew members, and renting additional equipment to improve production quality.

We work hard to find as many ways as possible to save on costs so that no dollar is wasted and our budget is well-spent on an excellent film. Both Left Turn and Care utilized several volunteer actors and crew in free venue space in pursuit of this goal.

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