Growing up in the country, our back woods and pasture were my playground. My little brother and I would play all day in the trees, climbing them or making a treehouse out of a hollowed out stump. We begged my dad to build us a treehouse, but that never happened until the grandkids came along.

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Treehouse of my childhood dreams

The treehouse he built was like a kid resort. It had a wrap around deck, carpet, electricity, television, air-conditioning/heat, landscaping, swing, and slide. It was insane. My brother and I just shook our heads. If only we had been lucky enough to have played in a treehouse like the one he built for his grandchildren.

I guess, technically, we did get a treehouse. We just had to wait for in invite from our kids to be able to play in it.

Adult treehouse fantasy

My favorite pace to travel to is the mountains. I will take the mountains over the beach, every time. I have often thought about what it would be like to have an adult treehouse. You know, one like the build on the treehouse show. Living an adult, modernized version, with all the amenities, Swiss Family Robinson life, would be so awesome. I would be in heaven.

Sanctuary Treehouse Resort

I just discovered that there is a treehouse resort opening up this summer in eastern Tennessee. The Sanctuary Treehouse Resort will be the largest in the world with everything to fulfill your treehouse fantasies. See all they will have to offer.

According to their website,

<span class="x_f2074b6c">This will be the first-ever treehouse resort in the Smoky Mountains of East Tennessee. </span><span class="x_f2074b6c">The resort will be golf cart access only and has exciting plans for walking trails, an enchanted forest, and much more. </span>The Sanctuary Treehouse Resort will be the world’s largest resort of its kind, situated on 40 acres in the Smoky Mountains of East Tennessee.

What the Sanctuary Treehouse Resort offers

The treehouse resort sounds like heaven. it will literally offer everything you need for an incredible stay in the Smokies.

The Sanctuary Treehouse Resort will provide Smoky Mountain visitors with a lodging experience that is unlike anything they have ever had before. There are plans for three types of treehouse rentals: Tree Fort, Tree Fort Double, and The Luxe. Tree Fort will accommodate 2-6 guests and feature unique amenities such as a spiral slides, custom drink shoots for bottles and cans from the kitchen to the lower porch, telescopes, bucket pulley's, swings, secret ladders, escape hatches, rope climbs, LED and wood burning fireplaces, and more. Tree Fort Double has all of the same features as Tree Fort, but has a drawbridge connecting two treehouses that can be raised and lowered for group accommodations. The Luxe will accommodate couples and features upscale amenities, fixtures and decor including copper clawfoot tubs, bidet automatic heated toilet systems, outside tubs on bottom level porches, suspended outdoor day beds, custom tiled showers and more.

I'm so excited about this treehouse resort and going to book a stay this Fall for my anniversary. Sign up for updates and book your stay, HERE.

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