When we are young, we can't bear to imagine a day when our parents pass away, but we all must deal with it at some point in our lives. It's one if not, the most difficult times in our lives. But, as time moves on grief can change to insight and sad tears can turn to happy tears.

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My beloved and amazing mom left us six years ago. I've been through so many different emotions since her death. But with all of the emotions have come memories that make me joyful.

Even in death, my mom continues to help me navigate through life. As my children grow up and move away to live their lives, I have had the lessons my mom taught me, though her actions, give me the strength to handle the challenges of what is happening. Even though it's so hard to watch them walk away into the unknown, she did it, so I can, too.

Remembering the bell of my childhood

Leslie Morgan
Leslie Morgan
When I was a child, growing up in the country, Mom used to ring this bell to tell me it was time to come home.
Today, although overgrown with the beautiful bushes she planted so many years ago., the bell fills me with warmth and love. The bell represents so much of what mom gave and still gives to me, every day.
Mom was selfless in letting me begin to walk away from her into the unknown. She gave me the strength and confidence to leave her and discover the world around me so that every year I would be able to walk a little farther away.
The bell doesn’t ring anymore, but the memories of of conversations about my daily adventures, live on.
Mom will always be, even in death, my forever co-pilot. She will always be the one who supported me, challenged me, believed in me, understood me, and loved me without judgment or limits.
Even though she’s been gone for six years, today, I still feel her all around me. Her smile and wave as I walked into the wooded barn lot for the day and her hugs and kisses when I returned with stories and sometimes some scrapes and bruises.
Today, I hear the faint sound of the bell in my memory reminding me of how incredibly fortunate and blessed I was to have been loved by her.

I found such comfort and security, knowing when the bell rang, she would be there, at the bell to share my daily adventures. Now, looking at the bell, I know my job is to let my kids go and wait by the 'bell' to tend their wounds, live their joys, share in their dreams, and celebrate their victories, just like mom did for me.


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