The social media video platform, TikTok, can be overwhelming when you get started. Many people who post on the platform have aspirations of becoming an influencer with a ton of followers. But, that's hard to do.

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Many factors go into finding success on TikTok. You have to post consistently (even multiple times a day), you have to use the right hashtags, use trending audio, and more that all play into the TikTok algorithm. That algorithm determines how many other users get to see your videos on their For Your Page.

The one thing that you can't control is a connection with the viewers of your videos. You either connect on many levels with your viewers, or you don't.

A woman, from Owensboro, KY, has all done all the things she needs to do AND she has what it takes to attract and draw people to her. Her name is Jill, she goes by "Mama Jill." She is only 22-years-old but has an old soul. I think, among many things, that is what makes her so special.

I'm a huge fan of Mama Jill. She is authentic in her videos. In a video world of fake make-believe, she is the real deal.

Here is part of an email we got from a friend of Mama Jill's.

...she is about to hit a million followers! She has people recognize her every time she goes out in town and even out of town! I’m so proud of her and I’ve never heard of anyone in Owensboro having such a huge following!! She has news outlets posting about her and everything. She really is famous!

- Jill's friend, Ava

Meet Tik Tok sensation - Mama Jill - from Owensboro, KY

  • Mama Jill shares her real life.
@jill200016 7 years and 2 kids later❤️ @jillandbrandon ♬ original sound - EX7STENCE™
      •  Funny videos about being a parent
@jill200016 My favorite series ever Despite the cideo we gentle parent I promise!!Who’s ready to see where were going ♬ the joke is on you. icarly - Kate
      • Her weight loss journey
@jill200016These videos help me to see what I’ve lost❤️

♬ original sound - Mama Jill❤️

  • Favorite recipes

@jill200016 The end got messed up air fry or bake for 10-15 minutes till done! ♬ original sound - Mama Jill❤️

@jill200016100 out of 10 lmk if you make it!

♬ original sound - Mama Jill❤️

  • Shopping tips
These can be used for kids without curls I’m sure but almost all say “for kids with curls!”
♬ original sound - Mama Jill❤️

    • Real things parents go though with their kids


♬ original sound - Mama Jill❤️

    • Real emotions and words of wisdom

@jill200016 Replying to @nixnels ♬ original sound - Mama Jill❤️
Mama Jill has an incredible personality and a beautiful, positive soul. We are so lucky that she is part of the Tristate. If you want to add light, love, and laughter to your day, follow Mama Jill (jill200016) on TikTok. 

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