Kentucky Governor Andy Beshear says schools will not resume operation in the Commonwealth of Kentucky until at least April 20th.

In his daily briefing earlier, Beshear says he has been in contact with superintendents around the state and says that schools will not reconvene until at least the third full week of April.

Beshear also updated Kentucky's current coronavirus stats.  And, yes.  We do have more cases and we expect that number to continue to rise.  As of today's briefing, the Commonwealth is home to 63 positive cases.  Beshear says that "More and more testing labs are coming online every day."

Beshear added, "We have to treat those with coronavirus with compassion.  We can't blame anyone.  When we find out someone has come down with coronavirus, that should bring out the best of us.  Not the worst of us."

Beshear added, as he has been at every news briefing,  "We're gonna get through this.  It's a challenge we are up for and one we will win."  He then asked each resident of the Commonwealth to remain "committed to being good Kentuckian and a patriotic American."


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