A cute Korean toddler is reigning over YouTube today with her adorable dance moves, earning herself many comparisons to South Korea’s famed dancing celebrity Psy. Could this video be the next ‘Gangnam Style’?

The little girl in the video is dancing with the carefreeness that can only be found in those too young to care. She puts her chubby arms and legs to good use, thrashing them around to the tune of ‘I Got My Eye On You’ by Nari & Milani and Cristian Marchi. Her commitment to dancing will have you squealing at your computer screen. The serious look on her face as she gets down says it all!

The toddler’s brother doesn’t seem to share the same enthusiasm for the song or for dancing in general, even though she attempts to get him to join in on the festivities. But that’s okay, because honestly, she’s stealing the spotlight anyway. In a few years we might have our next big dancing genius!

Watch the adorable video up above!

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