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L-D.U.B.S. feat. Brooke - One & Only

Morganfield, Kentucky resident, L-D.U.B.S. (an acronym for Living - Destined Until Better Success) began focusing his attention on making music at the age of 15, often beat boxing and freestyling in the lunch room. Under the tutelage of Henderson native, and hip-hop artist, Kasper, L-D.U.B.S. honed his craft which led to opening for Cash Money recording artist, Allstar, among others.

Check out One & Only below.


The Madden Brothers - We Are Done

If the name, "The Madden Brothers" looks and sounds a bit familiar, that's because the band is comprised of brothers Benji and Joel Madden who enjoyed worldwide success for much of the early portion of the 2000's with their original band, Good Charlotte. While Charlotte is not done for good, at least not yet, the brothers have branched out with a sound unlike anything they've produced before for their debut album, Greetings from California due later this year.

Check out the lead single, "We Are Done" below.