We are here at the beautiful Beaches Boscobel Resort and Golf Club.

We arrived last night, and my top three impressions from the resort, and Jamaica in general, can be read after the jump.

1.) The people are SO nice.

It could be just the people at the resort, but everyone we have spoken to so far has been so accommodating. There is a "Southern" kind of hospitality here.

2.) Even the rain is beautiful.

We are in a tropical paradise, and although we have had some "liquid sunshine" today, you're still surrounded by palm trees and an ocean view.

3.) Everything REALLY IS included. Really.

We have been drinking our fair share of "dirty bananas" (a frozen rum and banana concoction), "Wayne's specials" (an electric blue drink) and Red Stripes - and it's all included. Dinner last night was a sit-down surf and turf dinner under the stars, and breakfast was a smorgasbord of everything from omelettes and bacon to French toast and fruit. You use your room card to pay for any extras you purchase, but we haven't had to pull the card out yet. Also, there's no tipping, so you don’t have to carry around cash at all.

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