Given the fact that the first Kingsman movie was a spot-on homage to James Bond movies, you’d think we’d all be excited for more of the same. More debonair spy sequences, more dangerous undercover double-speak, and more gunfights in famous locations. Instead, 20th Century Fox has flipped the script, giving us a sequel that promises a delightful sendup of American action movies as well. What would happen if James Bond and John Rambo were forced to join forces to solve an international mystery? If the early trailers and credits are any indication, we’re about to find out.

This latest clip from Kingsman: The Golden Circle (via gives us our prolonged introduction to Channing Tatum’s character, who seems to be taking a page from some of the great Kurt Russell performances of years past. He’s swaggering, dangerous, more than a little stupid, and destined to be one of the great action characters of the year. That being said, Tatum’s character might not even be the best member of the Statesman: that honor will likely go to Pedro Pascal, whose laser-whip-doohickey is still one of my most-anticipated elements of the movie. I hope that American action cinema  gets a merciless ripping at the hands of this movie.

Here’s the full plot synopsis of Kingsman: The Golden Circle:

In Kingsman: The Golden Circle, our heroes face a new challenge. When their headquarters are destroyed and the world is held hostage, their journey leads them to the discovery of an allied spy organization in the US called Statesman, dating back to the day they were both founded. In a new adventure that tests their agents’ strength and wits to the limit, these two elite secret organizations band together to defeat a ruthless common enemy, in order to save the world, something that’s becoming a bit of a habit for Eggsy…

The film will also star Taron Egerton, Colin Firth, and Mark Strong, as well as franchise newcomers Halle Berry and Jeff Bridges The film will stick its red neck into theaters on September 29, 2017.

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