My daughter is hanging with my parents this week while I work at home but my mom JUST texted me to tell me about how much she eats. Then my friend Perri Huddleston posted this to Facebook:

Kids driving you bonkers asking for snacks? I did this with my 4 younger kids for years and it was great. Each week, each child was given $10.00 in play money (with their name written on it) and coins. They had to purchase their snacks with the maximum they were allowed to spend per day being $2.00. Snacks varied.

They learned to budget, practiced their money handling, ate better and for the final part of the plan ... At the end of each week, whatever money they had left - they traded it in to the banker (me) for real money -- which could not be spent on snacks. Snack money ended up buying computers, game boys, vacation souvenirs and all kinds of things.

Here's the list we had:

Fresh Fruit
Fresh Veggies
Fruit Cocktail
Sliced Peaches

50 cents
1 Piece of Toast with Jelly
1 Slice of Cheese
Granola bar- not fudge dipped
Tortilla Peanut Butter Roll Up

75 cents
Hot Dog
Rice Krispy Treat
Whales- 1 small Dixie Cup full
Fudge dipped granola bar
Peanut Butter or Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich

5 Cookies
Package of Crackers
1 Airhead

Mini Fruit Pie
Little Debbie Cake
2 Cups Puffed Popcorn
1 Bowl of Chips
Ice Cream Cone with Sherbet
1 Snack Size candy bar

Big Fruit/Pudding Pies
Pop Tarts
Slim Jim

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