At just 9 years old, Carson already has the work ethic of a grown man. 

On Monday, Secret Headquarters shared a photo of a young man named Carson vacuuming the floors of their office. Secret Headquarters is a super cool arcade, which happens to be close to 9-year-old Carson's home. Nowadays, the video game called "Fortnite" is all the rage among people young and old, and Carson is no exception. While most parents seem to struggle to divert their child's attention from the screen, Carson's parents have taken a different approach to allowing their child screen time.

Carson rides his bike to Secret Headquarters and completes a few chores before being able to play games. And, according to Secret Headquarter's Facebook post, he's a pretty big help around the arcade.

As they put it, "he’s a 9-year-old with the work ethic of a guy who has 6 kids in college and 2 house payments and a jet ski payment his wife tried to talk him out of buying."

Carson usually hangs out in the VIP room on his "breaks", and gets some gaming in before his 4:30 bike ride home.

On a side note, Carson used to be in my class when I taught Pre-K a few years back. He was always a good kid, and his parents were just as nice. I love seeing kids like this making a difference in the community. Great job, Carson!


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