After spending stacks on “Baller Alert” (featuring T.I. and Migos), Chocolate Droppa (aka Kevin Hart) now wants to seduce the ladies. The comedic rhymer released his smooth rap ballad “Put It on Me” featuring “Mr. Steal Your Girl” Trey Songz.

Over a slow mid-tempo groove, Songz encourages his lover to get freaky on him. "Shawty can I get that? Get that? / Girl you know I'm tryna hit that, hit that / Break you off like a Kit Kat, Kit Kat / Know that ass got some kick back, so kick back," he sings.

Near the end of the song, Chocolate Droppa adds his come-hither rhymes, which sounds a little creepish. But it's Droppa so you shouldn't take them too seriously.

"Yeah it's the dark little big guy / Pushing no salt, no pepper, no french fries," he spits. "I've been thinking bout your body but the inside / I ain't never hit it but you know that it's been mine / Push it like we on the incline / Push it like a door and then we walking inside / Unless you supposed to pull, that's a bad line."

Uh, what?

October will be a busy time for Kevin Hart. The $88 million dollar man is planning to release his debut mixtape, What Now?, which is the same title as his upcoming concert film, which opens in theaters on Oct. 14. Check out the trailer below.

Listen to Kevin Hart's "Push It On Me" Feat. Trey Songz

Watch Kevin Hart: What Now? Movie Trailer

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