Kentucky crowned its very first Miss Voluptuous Pagent winner in 2021 and she has used her voice to tell every woman they are beautiful just the way they are.


We introduced you to Meghan last year when she was crowned the 2021 Miss Kentucky Voluptuous Pageant winner.  This was a very special occasion for many reasons one of them being that she was the very first ever for the Bluegrass State.


Here's a bit about Meghan;

She was crowned in March.  Meghan is also a former BKR Boot Camp Member of Team Chad and a faithful listener to the station.  She works full-time for a law firm here in Owensboro, has her own personal blog website,  loves photography, and is a momma to Jack-Jack the terrier who has his own Instagram page.



Meghan gave us the lowdown on how she was able to take the crown in 2021.

The Miss Voluptuous International Pageant is a plus-size pageant system, that isn’t looking for someone to model their crown. Their contestants are so much more than beautiful face. We have passion for making a difference, we are willing to work hard, and we are determined to be heard. The pageant has been exclusively in the United Kingdom until this year. The pageant expanded to the United States this year, So I am the first Miss Voluptuous Kentucky.


The world has glammed up the pageant life and made it seem as if everything is sunshine and roses.  What you don't see is the road many of these women take to get to a crown.  Often they are going through their own stuff in the midst of putting on a smile and a pair of heels to take the stage.   Meghan was doing just that when she competed for her title in 2021.

      The Miss Voluptuous Kentucky journey was simply amazing. When I joined the Miss Voluptuous Pageant system I was in one of the most challenging parts of my life. I started a new job, I was going through a divorce, I was planning on a big move, and later I had a traumatic auto accident. My life was changing so fast and I didn't quite know how to handle it.  Having my Miss Voluptuous sisterhood and the support of my close friends got me through every part of what I was facing.   I had all of these strong powerful women supporting me every step of the way.  I was never alone. We as a family, never let each other face life by ourselves.  I am more confident today than i have ever been in my entire life and I  thank the wonderful women who have stood by me through everything I've been through. That's what we do.

While Meghan did not end up competing in the National Pageant in Nashville due to health issues she did go and help organize which is totally in her will house.



Meghan has Polycystic Ovarian syndrome which has prevented her from being able to have children up to this point in her life.  She helped us to understand her sickness;

 I have PCOS. So I have had miscarriages, I struggle to get pregnant, I gain weight and carry it in my stomach and it's really difficult to lose the weight, I take medication to manage the effects such as acne, overly dry skin, the blood sugar rollar coaster, the fatigue, and mood swings. I am not ashamed of it. I own it. I do everything I can to take care of my body. It isn't talked about that it's not acceptable to ask someone " When are you having a baby", post-April Fool's jokes about being pregnant, and say  "YOU DON'T LOOK SICK".

Meghan talks about the importance of supporting others in their journey no matter what that looks like.  If we could all learn to understand the road is not the same but we can choose to walk hand in hand with one another.


One of the biggest things the pageant asks is for each woman to have a WHY and this is Meghan's:

I personally decided to be a part of this pageant system because I am a confident plus-size woman. I have curves and I truly love myself. I love the glitter and glam and I have to sparkle always. If I am not being a little bit extra, something is wrong. I want to encourage other plus-size women to also be confident and love and appreciate their selves and their bodies. Beauty is not defined by size. Your size does not mean you are unhealthy, it does not mean you are disabled, and it does not mean you should be treated any differently than people that are shaped differently than you. As a plus-size woman, I have been made fun of. I have been bullied. I have been told I was disgusting. I was told I was ugly. But all of those terrible things we untrue. Society is so set on what television and what celebrities look like that plus-size people are often judged. I love my body. I worked hard for the body I have. I eat healthily, I work out, I take care of myself. I do not have limitations because of my size. Nothing makes a woman more beautiful than the belief that she is beautiful.



If we could all see beauty as Meghan does what an incredible world we would live in.  She is constantly lifting others and encouraging women to just be who they were made to be.  The world has decided we should all look and act one specifically certain way and how boring and robotic to be the same.  If you ever get a chance to meet Meghan I promise you'll be changed for the better.

As she prepares to pass the reign to another gorgeous gal we tip our crowns to her journey and look forward to the future for this woman who's truly going place.

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