I met Lisa Duvall years ago when WBKR hosted our annual Run for Your Life Zombie Run.  That's when I was first introduced to her incredible skills as a makeup artist.  In fact, Lisa helped turn a bunch of our volunteer runners into blood-thirsty zombie predators.  She was incredible then.  She's even better and, well, incredibly more accomplished now. And by "accomplished", I mean REALLY accomplished.

This weekend's a huge weekend for Lisa. She's going to see some of her skill on full display with the release of Halloween Kills. Yes, she actually got to work on set as an SPFX Makeup Assistant.  It's a rather involved story, so I will give you the highlights and, pardon the pun, slice and dice and cut my way to the chase about how she landed the gig at with Jamie Lee Curtis and Michael Myers.

Through some networking opportunities (which she describes as "way out of her comfort zone"), Lisa came in contact with Dave Snyder.  Dave, coincidentally, is originally from Henderson, Kentucky, but now lives in California and works on huge TV and motion picture projects.  Among them- The Walking Dead.  Dave happened to call a mutual friend of his and Lisa's and asked if he knew any makeup artists in the area.  Well, as fate would have it, that friend recommended Lisa, who, because of that call, ended up working on a film called The Devil Below.  As she says, "I went, worked hard, impressed them and that's how another door was opened for me."

When Halloween Kills was in pre-production, Lisa crossed professional paths with Dave again.  Dave recommended her to Christopher Nelson, who's an Oscar and Emmy-winning makeup artist.  Chris just happened to be looking for an assistant to work alongside him on the set of Halloween Kills.  So, Lisa packed up shop, went to Wilmington, North Carolina for six weeks and got to show off her masterful skills on the set of one of the most iconic horror movie franchises of all time.  In her words, "It was absolutely amazing."

There's no doubt it had to be and Lisa has endless photos, props and memories to prove it.  With the movie hitting the big screen this week, Lisa is sharing some really cool behind-the-scene photos from her Halloween Kills experience.

Owensboro Makeup Artist Shares Behind-the-Scenes Photos from Halloween Kills

Lisa Duvall, a makeup artist from Owensboro, got the job of a lifetime recently. She worked as an SPFX Makeup Assistant on the movie Halloween Kills.

This Friday night, Lisa is going to be at the Malco Owensboro Cinema Grill and MXT to celebrate the release of Halloween Kills. She'll be there with friends from Ghostly Productions and will be showing off a bunch of behind-the-scenes photos from the film  and some really cool props used in it.  Among those props: the Halloween Kills script, the fluorescent light used in the throat gag in the official trailer, a variety of trauma prosthetic pieces, full face prosthetics for kills, broken jaw prosthetics, a burn sleeve that Michael wore, the Dr. Loomis prosthetic box, lots of pictures and more!

Lisa joined us to chat about her experience and memories from the set.

Halloween Kills opens Friday at theatres everywhere. To check showtimes for Owensboro, CLICK HERE!


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