"You are a great Champion; when you ran the ground shook and the sky opened and mere mortals parted. Parted the way to victory, where you'll meet me in the winners' circle where I'll put a blanket of flowers on your back" - Dreamer (2005 film)

Go for Gin

Who is Go for Gin?

Go For Gin won the 1994 120th running of the Kentucky Derby and survived to be 31 years young. He was the oldest living Derby winner, until his passing in spring this year. The day that Gin won the derby, the track was about as sloppy as it had been since 1954. That only gave him the advantage as Gin loved a good muddy track. Go For Gin entered into retirement early at 4 years old due to injury but that didn't slow down the derby winner much. Over his years he sired 443 named foals with winning genes.

What's in a name?

This handsome stallion wasn't named after a spirit but instead, a card game. Gin's mother was named Never Knock, in a hand of gin, a loser will signify a loss by rapping their hand on the card table. But a hand that's still in the game will continue on and therefore 'go for gin'. When Go for Gin was born nearly 40,000 derby-winning hopeful foals were also born in North America, and three years later 14 of them stood at the derby gate ready to run their way to the winners' circle. Gin was faced with a 9-1 odds of winning, and in beating the odds he ran his way to victory.

Memorializing a champion

Go For Gin was buried at the Kentucky Horse Park within its Memorial Walk of Champions. The KHP foundation is currently working to raise the funds needed to ensure Go For Gin's lasting legacy. All funds will be aimed at placing a permanent memorial at the Kentucky Horse Park so that all who visit the park will leave with a lasting memory of the winning thoroughbred stallion. If you are interested in donating visit: www.khpfoundation.orghttps://kyhorsepark.comor call 859-255-5727

Fulfill Your 'Yellowstone' Fantasies at The Double J Riding Stables & Horseman's Campground in Western KY

The Double J Riding Stables & Horseman's Campground is situated off the Northeastern corner of Mammoth Cave National Park in Western Kentucky. What drew me to the campground is that they offer horse-friendly campsites for those who have their own horses and also guided horseback trail rides for those who don't!

Our family LOVES horses but we currently don't have a horse for everyone in the family so this would be a perfect solution to get everyone the chance to play cowboy and live out all their Yellowstone fantasies!

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