I think to be haunted, something or some PLACE needs to be really old. I don't know if that's the rule or there can even BE rules for this sort of thing, but that feels like a good starting point.


Of course, there have been a couple of exceptions in my own personal experience--a tap on my shoulder in my grandfather's empty apartment after he passed away and a clock falling off the bathroom wall leaving the nail perfectly intact and angled in such a way that that couldn't POSSIBLY have happened. Those events happened RIGHT after he passed away. But that was it. So I don't call that a haunting, just some residual energy. Still spooky, though.

Kentucky has the age thing in its favor, having been a state for almost 230 years now and a sparsely populated territory before that.

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But HOW haunted is Kentucky? I wouldn't have thought there would be a way to quantify such a thing, but a website called MoveBuddha.com has done just that. In fact, it has ranked all 50 states and Kentucky is in the top 20.

So what IS MoveBuddha? Well, it's actually a website that helps people make the best decisions when it comes to moving and was founded by a relocation specialist. MoveBuddha provides a moving cost calculator; helps movers make the best choices about moving companies; and provides valuable info about storage facilities, among other things.

And, apparently, it knows what states are the scariest.


It makes this determination via a series of data points and then assigns a Spook Score, a Creep Score, and a Boo Score. Isn't that a blast?

So based on all the factors MoveBuddha uses, I'm going to assume Kentucky has a good-sized number of abandoned buildings, ghost towns, unsolved murder cases, enough cemeteries, haunted places, and reported ghost sightings.

That's where the site gets its numbers and for Kentucky to be in the top 20, we must be a pretty spooky and creepy Commonwealth.

If you want the most BOO for your buck, it looks like you need to head to New Mexico. But INDIANA ranks in the top 10, so save your gas money and happy ghost hunting.

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