I always wanted to be in pageants but I didn't have time and I don't blame my mom one bit after what I saw this weekend.

I was asked to judge a pageant over the weekend. it was fun, exciting, and very exhausting. Would I do it again? Absolutely but here are some things I was NOT expecting.

Never Underestimate- I went into this pageant thinking it was more "beauty" pageant. Turns out, these young ladies are smart, caring individuals with BIG dreams. These girls were between ages of 8 and 13 but if I didn't know that or could tell by their appearance, I would have never guessed how young they are! From wanting to own businesses to being doctors it was refreshing to see kids aspire and dream big.

Photo: Kendra

Work Ethic- Like I said before, these are youngin's and they are some hard workers. This was a county fair pageant and these young ladies help their parents in the kitchen, they help on the farm and feed their animals. Plus they have been spending their summer prepping 4-H projects. One girl had 15 of them!

Photo: Posey County Fair

Self Confidence- The courage it takes to be in front of so many people, answering questions, and especially the personal interview. Bless their hearts for stepping out of their comfort zone. Almost each girl said they wanted to be in the pageant to gain self confidence and learn to speak in front of people! I can tell you right now, that was NOT me at that age.

Philanthropy- These young ladies love their county, their family, friends, and helping others. Each girl I met volunteers or helps in some way to give back and that was amazing. Trust me, they didn't just say it, I could see it. With their 4-H projects and their hobbies and accomplishments on their resumes it was clear these girls have very philanthropic hearts and minds.

Friendships- These ladies competed against girls they just met and girls they are already friends with. Seeing them take photos together and lift each other up made me so happy!

I had a hard job judging. It was amazing and I would do it again but let me tell you, it was not easy. Each girl is so special and has so much to offer. I hope to see many of their faces in the future.

Photo: Posey County Fair