Kelly Clarkson has just unveiled her duet with John Legend -- a stunningly gorgeous cover of Tokio Hotel's "Run Run Run."

Since the "Heartbeat Song" singer is dropping a new song each day during the lead-up to her highly anticipated new album Piece by Piece (out March 3!), we've been expecting all kinds of awesome in the coming days. And we knew that there was a John Legend collab in the works. But this… this is just perfection.

While we knew that anything Clarkson and Legend put out was going to be a straight-up masterpiece, their Tokio Hotel cover is absolutely exquisite, showcasing both of their powerhouse vocals on the beautiful piano ballad. While the majority of the song is simple and emotional, it all ultimately builds up to one drum-filled, epic crescendo that is pure gold. In case you ever had any doubts that either Kelly Clarkson or John Legend could take you to church with their vocal range (and considering they've won a combined total of 12 Grammys, we're thinkin' there were no doubts), "Run Run Run" will certainly convert you to the church of Clarkson.

Listen to Kelly Clarkson and John Legend's cover of Tokio Hotel's "Run Run Run" in the video above, and check out Tokio Hotel's original version of the song in the vid below.

Kelly Clarkson's already wowed us with "Heartbeat Song," "Invincible," "Piece by Piece" and now "Run Run Run," so we are dying to know what else is in store. Give it to us. We're ready.

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