My life is always a roller coaster and I never know which direction I am going 24/7. So I figured, I might as well take you on my wild ride (if you can keep up). 

I always hear "you need a camera following you around", "how does this happen to you" or my favorite "your life is a hot mess, I can't keep up!" So I figure the best way for everyone to keep up with me, is to take you on this wild ride of life. Thus, I present to you, "Keeping Up With Kendra". Each week I will be doing something different for the first time or just living my hot mess express of a life for you to get some humor out of. So, let's jump on this crazy train together. Enjoy!

Here's the deal, I am a shopaholic. I legit have a problem. I love buying make up and skin care. I go to Sephora or Ulta at least once a week (most of the time I go more). I get my spending habit from my mom, sister, and my friends. Birds of a feather, definitely flock together. A friend of mine, brought over this mask (the bottle itself had me intrigued) for us to try. It was a trip, let me tell you. The Dr. Jart mask is super hydrating and I loved how "cool" it made my skin feel! You should totally check it out.

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