You might not recognize the name Katy Tiz now, but make a note, because the British pop singer is making waves with her newest hit ‘The Big Bang.’ We’ve got the exclusive on the brand new acoustic version, and if you like the original, you’ll be floored by the singer’s husky voice in this one.

Originally a song by Rock Mafia, the London native gave ‘The Big Bang’ her own twist before releasing it in April as a preview single for her album. The stripped-down version showcases all of the sultriness of Katy’s voice. She’s got an attitude when she sings that fits the powerful lyrics, giving the song an extra punch. Throw in the trumpets, and Katy could double as a pop star by day and jazz star by night. The sound suits her perfectly.

‘The Big Bang’ is climbing charts and fast becoming one of the hits of the summer. With a catchy blend of pop and funk paired with lyrics like “You got me right here, combustible / And I can’t wait to finally explode / The big, big bang / The reason I’m alive / When all the stars collide in this universe inside,” frankly, it’s no big surprise. There’s a powerful quality to both the beat and Katy’s voice that is even more noticeably captive in the acoustic performance.

Check out Katy Tiz's acoustic version of 'The Big Bang' up above!