Got two minutes? For Katy Perry, you do! The behind-the-scenes footage from her mega hot GQ cover shoot is hotter than the booby-baring cover itself... and that was pretty blazing.

In this video footage, Perry smiles, bats her lashes, swirls around and generally flirts with the camera. She is a stunner and the camera lurves her. The fact that she looks like she is having fun and goofing off at the same time makes her even more sexy!

We know, we didn't think it was possible for Perry to get any sexier but she is in this shoot.

We love her in stripes, in sheer red tops and in leather. Rawr!

John Mayer, you are a very lucky man. What was Russell Brand thinking when he hit "send" on the text where he ended his marriage to Perry?

PopCrushers and Katy Cats, what was your favorite part of the Katy Perry GQ cover shoot clip?

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