Katy Perry and Robert Pattinson are pals, so close that they fart around one another without embarrassment. The twosome once sang some (presumably) drunken karaoke back in 2008, too.

Here, both celebs have trouble with the concept known as carrying a tune! Watch and laugh, PopCrushers and Twihards.

Normally, that whole out of tune thing would be alarming for someone like Perry, who makes her living as a singer. But it's karaoke and we're going to assume that some alcohol involved.

Together, "Perrinson" massacre and butcher Boyz II Men's soulful ballad 'I'll Make Love to You.' Perry is seated next to R. Pattz and they are nothing if not entertaining, even when she takes up residence on his lap. We love when the man who became famous for playing Edward Cullen interrupts himself at 15 seconds in.

It's a minute-and-a-half of fun celeb nonsense. It's also a major #KaraokeFail!