Katy Perry dropped the fourth (and final, we think) 'ROAR' teaser today (Aug. 9) so it's 'ROAR 4.' In it, we hear MORE MUSIC...with vocals!

The singer, rocking berry-stained lips, is draped in the same blue satin coat that she wears on the single cover she shared yesterday -- ya know, the one with the tiger. The former Mrs. Russell Brand struts into a studio, puts on headphones and stands in front of a microphone and we hear about 10 seconds of music.

She sings, "Because I am the champion / And you're gonna hear me roar," as it fades out.

We love her black motorcycle booties, which clack on the floor, BTW. Just sayin'.

The point is yet again taken. Perry has ditched the gimmicks and the sugary image in favor of focusing on the music.

'ROAR' drops on Aug. 12, provided it doesn't leak sooner than that.

Perry spent a week teasing us. We're ready for the song. ICYMI, see previous snippets here, here and here.

PopCrushin' Katy Kats, what did you think of this snippet?

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